Laravel or CodeIgniter: Which PHP framework is better?

First, we need to know that every framework plays an important role in PHP development, providing speed, organization, and better performance throughout the development process.

Some things that every PHP developer strives for and analyzes existing PHP frameworks and looks for the right solutions. Before comparing Laravel and CodeIgniter frameworks, we would like to give a brief intro of both in the first place.


  • It is somewhat expensive in syntax and requires tutoring for some experts and experience before undertaking a large-scale project.
  • It also offers the Artisan command, which provides developers to quickly develop web applications.
  • It has an elegant style that puts PHP developers at the top of the frame selection.
  • It has an elegant style that places it on the top of the PHP developers’ choice of frameworks. Of course, it is a bit expensive at its syntax and demands some experiences and mentoring of experts before undertaking a big scale project.


  • CodeIgniter is a Lightweight because that system requires a very small library that provides quick and easy access.
  • It is an application framework and a set of tools. It is a very helpful tool for people who build a website using PHP. It also provides fast and effective PHP web development for dynamic and static PHP-based websites.
  • CodeIgniter source code is managed by GitHub and is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.
  • Every URL created by Codeigniter is completely SEO friendly.


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